“To Charming Rural Scenery, Beautiful Lakes and Majestic Rivers Via Detroit United Railway” — A guide from 1903–1904

I am a resident of the city of Warren and a board member with Transportation Riders United. Last December I penned the letter that ran in the Metro Times asking Amazon to save the bandshell. I am so glad that they are working with the city and that it will…

Planning a trip to Detroit’s cultural center? Detroit may be the Motor City but that doesn’t mean that cars are the only way to get there. I put together this handy guide on reaching the museum district by bus, streetcar, bicycle and more.

Detroit’s Cultural Center

The Cultural Center is located in the…

This quote is based on the famous line from Jurassic Park where Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) talks about evolution and how nature finds a way to adapt to survive despite great obstacles. Public transit in Metro Detroit has continued to evolve despite great obstacles namely inadequate funding. After 50…

I am a board member with Transportation Riders United (TRU), a non profit that has been advocating for better public transit in Metro Detroit for the past 20 years. I am also on the ridership promotion committee which includes helping people figure out the bus system. …

Before you bulldoze over 80 years of Detroit music history, please read this.

Michigan State Fair Bandshell (12/13/20) Photo by David Gifford

Today I drove past the old State Fairgrounds on State Fair Ave in Detroit. I realized that the old bandshell would not be spared from the wrecking ball so I snapped a photo of it. I recall…

Unfortunately you are not allowed to bring any pets other than service animals on any Detroit transit at this time. Pets other than service animals are only allowed on Ann Arbor’s TheRide.

DDOT Pet Policy

For more info click here.

SMART Pet Policy

Flying into or out of Detroit Metro Airport? Here’s a guide for getting to and from the airport without a car. — Also featured in Curbed Detroit.

AirRide Service from DTW to Ann Arbor, Brighton & East Lansing

When most of us in Metro Detroit think about how to reach DTW (Detroit Metropolitan Airport), we usually consider driving ourselves, begging for…

This Thursday is the Detroit Tigers home opener. The following is a comprehensive guide for getting to and getting around downtown Detroit without a car. (This blog is for information only and is in no way affiliated with TransitApp, SMART, DDOT, QLine, People Mover or MoGo.)

Step one: Download TransitApp

Eater Detroit​ put together this great guide to dining in Dearborn. From downtown Detroit you can drive & hunt for parking, hail an Uber or Lyft, take a really long scooter ride or hop on a bus! Since this is a transit guide, these are the best bus routes from…

David Gifford

Avid transit blogger from Metro Detroit. www.transitguidedetroit.com

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