• John Good

    John Good

    Interested in cities, regions, and the future we are building together. Passionate about mobility and regional innovation. More at http://pro.jpgnexus.com/

  • Geoff P

    Geoff P

    urban data scientist — current: spatial solutions engineer, urbint past: ford smart mobility, bloomberg fellow @ detroit land bank authority, NYU's CUSP

  • Totem And Token

    Totem And Token

    Validate me oh great and unforgiving interwebz

  • Frank Hammer

    Frank Hammer

  • Eric Brown

    Eric Brown

  • 42-BRT


  • Cathy Daldin

    Cathy Daldin

  • Alan Stamm

    Alan Stamm

    Views on news by a letterpress-era vet who migrated from print (Riverdale Press, The Record, Syracuse New Times, Detroit News) to digital (Deadline Detroit).

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