Transit Guide: Dearborn Restaurants

Eater Detroit​ put together this great guide to dining in Dearborn. From downtown Detroit you can drive & hunt for parking, hail an Uber or Lyft, take a really long scooter ride or hop on a bus! Since this is a transit guide, these are the best bus routes from downtown Detroit. Starting on May 1st (2019), you’ll be able to take unlimited rides on DDOT or SMART for up to 4 hours for just $2. If you take a friend or a date you can get there and back for just $4!

#1 — Vernor

Catch #1 Vernor, a 24/7 route, at the Rosa Parks Transit Center, the SW corner of Washington & Michigan Ave, along Lafayette or across from Trumbull & Porter Hotel. You may be tempted to exit early in Corktown or Mexicantown but we’ll cover those food destinations in another guide. The Vernor bus runs along Lafayette, Trumbull, Bagley & Vernor to reach Michigan & Schaefer. From the Schaefer stop you can reach:

#2 Michigan Ave

Catch this 24/7 bus downtown at Rosa Parks Transit Center, on Michigan Ave west of Cass or in Corktown. During the day the bus runs between downtown Detroit & Fairlane Town Center. At night the bus turns around at Schaefer. Popular Dearborn restaurants include those at the Schaefer stop and these at stops further west:

#8 Warren

Catch this 24/7 bus along Warren Ave between Moross/Mack & Telegraph. It is a long crosstown route. Ride this bus into the heart of Eater’s dining guide at Schaefer.

#41 Schaefer

This north/south route runs from River Rouge to 8 Mile every 60 minutes but if you time it right it will take you to Warren Ave or Michigan Ave.

Board this bus downtown along West Jefferson at Beaubien, Woodward, Griswold, Washington or outside the David Whitney Building on Woodward. This regional bus runs to the airport every 30–40 minutes. This bus also stops at great food destinations in East Dearborn at Schaefer & Greenfield and in West Dearborn at Mason and Outer Drive.

West Dearborn restaurants include:

Other bus routes that pass through Dearborn include:

  • SMART #200 — Michigan Ave Local runs between Wayne & Fairlane with peak trips to downtown Detroit.
  • SMART routes #140-Southshore, #250-Ford Rd, #255-Ford Rd Express & #275-Telegraph.

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Avid transit blogger from Metro Detroit.

Avid transit blogger from Metro Detroit.