Transit Guide: Detroit City Football Club

David Gifford
2 min readMar 16, 2022

Every spring, die hard DCFC fans descend upon Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck Michigan to cheer on the men & women of Le Rouge. Keyworth Stadium is situated in the heart of the most diverse and dense city in the state which means the food is awesome but parking spots can be scarce. The following is a guide on how to reach Keyworth using transit.

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DDOT (Detroit Department of Transportation) has been moving the public since 1922. There are two bus routes that pass nearby the stadium that can be used to reach Keyworth from downtown, from the City Fieldhouse or as a last mile solution.

DDOT System Map — Hamtramck

Route #52-Chene runs 7 days a week, every 60 minutes between downtown Detroit, through downtown Hamtramck and ends at Mt. Olivet Cemetery. You can exit at Roosevelt and walk right down to the main gate.

Route #12-Conant runs 7 days a week, every 60 minutes between State Fair and Belle Isle mainly along Mt. Elliot and Conant. You can catch it from City Fieldhouse by walking a few blocks north or east. Exit at Christopher Street by the Fowling Warehouse to join the march into Keyworth. *Bus doesn’t run past 7:30 most nights so this route won’t get you back to the clubhouse if the match ends after 7:30.


Q. How much does the bus cost? A. $2 for adults, $0.50 for youths, seniors & persons with disabilities. Kids under 6 are free.

Q. How long are bus passes good for? A. 4 hours of unlimited trips & transfers.

Q. How do I pay? A. Buses accept cash, prepaid tickets or Mobile App.

Q. How late do the buses run? A. #12-Contant runs until 7:30pm M-Sat & until 6:15pm on Sundays. #52-Chene runs until 9:30 M-Sat & until 7:30pm on Sundays.

Q. Can I get there using the FAST Woodward Bus? A. Technically yes. You can transfer at Trowbridge to #38-Plymouth which is also an hourly bus so you could end up waiting awhile to transfer. Transfer to #52-Chene or walk to Keyworth.

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