Transit Guide: Detroit’s Cultural Center

Detroit’s Cultural Center

Detroit Institute of Arts (Photo by David Gifford)

Public Transit in Detroit

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Reduced fares are available for students, seniors & the disabled with proper ID.

How To Plan Your Trip

Bus drop off & pick up at the McNamara Terminal (Photo by John Good)

Cultural Center from DTW Airport

Transfer to DDOT, FAST Woodward and QLine just one block away.

Directions from the Suburbs

Directions inside Detroit

  • DDOT Bus Most city buses intersect with Woodward Avenue. The Woodward bus route is #4 and runs 24/7 and is accessible from Plum Market downtown and all along Woodward. It stops north of Warren on either side near the DIA. Other popular routes include #16-Dexter (on Cass) and #8-Warren. Click here for a system map.
  • SMART Bus Most SMART buses operate in the suburbs but some run during rush hour and the FAST routes run all day. They run on Gratiot, Woodward & Michigan Ave so you can transfer to them to reach the Cultural Center. Click here for a system map.
  • QLine StreetcarThe QLine runs from downtown Detroit to Grand Boulevard. It has stops near the DIA at Farnsworth and at Ferry Street. Click here for a system map.
  • MoGo BicycleThere is a MoGo station behind the DIA’s main entrance on Farnsworth close to John R. There is another station by the Detroit Historical Museum at Kirby. Click here for a system map.
  • Scooters — You’re likely to find a Bird, Spin, Lime or Boaz scooter on just about every street corner. Be careful riding on the sidewalks due to pedestrians and turning cars. Use caution if riding in the streets. In the Cultural Center the only street with bike lanes is Cass.
There are several bus and streetcar stops within the Cultural District along Warren, Woodward and Cass.




Avid transit blogger from Metro Detroit.

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David Gifford

David Gifford

Avid transit blogger from Metro Detroit.

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